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Interieur Kortrijk 2012

Ohmann leatherbags
#2 by Wichards geeft vorm

Wichards geeft vorm heeft een speciale serie tassen ontworpen en geproduceerd met de originele kwaliteit van Ohmann leather. Tijdens Interieur Kortrijk 2012 van 20 t/m 28 okt 2012 wordt de nieuwe serie Ohmann leatherbags gelanceerd.


Model 2: Ronda

Combination: leather and rope, makes it look Sporty but also Classic.

2 small bags: A single piece rope goes in between 2 layers of leather, thereby creating Bags, one small bag on the front and one big bag at the back.

Big compartment: in the middle with a magnet closure. The Bags will be worn on one shoulder. The round shape of the shoulder is repeated in de form of the Bag, so it fits nicely with your body.

Model 3: Bag with a Heart

Illustration of Dear-Heart: This Bag is created together with Illustrator Medy Oberendorff.
The result of this cooperation shows an Envelop Bag with a nice line-drawing of a Dear-Heart, printed on the leather by laser cutting.

You can wear the Bag in one hand or with a leather strap.
One brown leather strap is included.
Size 32 x 18 cm.
For colors please send an email with your request at info@wichards.nl

Illustrator:  www.medyoberendorff.nl

Model Classic

Create your own bag!
The Wichards bag, stands for simplicity, the shape is flat and easily wraps itself around the body.

Genuine leather: The focus is on the material, genuine leather, and leather in combination with textile. The leather is carefully selected according to suppleness, colour and structure. The bags are handmade in small quantities which means that each bag is unique.

The bag consists of one big compartment with rings at the top and is closed off with Velcro. At the top there is a flap which, if you don’t carry a lot of stuff, can be folded over so that you have a smaller bag.

Custom shoulder strap: It is possible to change the shoulder-strap. A bag can have a sporty feel with a striped shoulder-strap but the same bag can also look smart with a black strap. So you can decide which style suits you best.

Men & women: A Wichards bag is suitable for both men and women for every occasion.

Create your own bag:

The Bags shown on this website are a selection.
If you prefer a special color, please send your request to: info@wichards.nl

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